Greenspec Limited Farms produces soybean seeds, Kimani Mbugua , a first generation producer, continue the long tradition of providing high-quality soybean seed to the East Africa farming communities.
We at Greenspec Limited focus on the two main components of seed:
Seed must be disease free (fungi, bacteria, viruses) in order to ensure outstanding plant health. Seed production is monitored with field scouting by an independent agronomist. After harvest, soybean seed is tested for accelerated aging (vigor) germination and samples are submitted to the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) Seed Health Lab to ensure the seed is disease free.
Seed treatments provide protection against seedling diseases and insects. Root stimulants and micro-nutrient treatments are available and have provided yield increases in crop production while lowering grower costs. Greenspec Limited Farms provides unique seed treatments that are designed to address specific disease problems in our markets Greenspec Limited seed is coated with a polymer to ensure the treatments do not rub off and cause planting problems.


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